Frequently Asked Questions about Line Genie:

Q: What am I buying when I make a Line Genie reservation?

A: When you make a reservation, you get 1) A gift card for the amount you paid, to use toward drinks, 2) Front of the line privileges for 2 people, and 3) Complimentary cover charge for 2 people.  The gift card can be used after that night, but the line privileges and complimentary cover are only valid for the night of your reservation.


Q: How does the gift card work?

A: The gift card can be spent like cash at the bar that night or anytime.  Think of it like a Target or Best Buy gift card that you would get at the holidays.  It is how we track spend commitment.

Q: Can I spend the gift card the same night I buy it?

A: Absolutely! When you receive your gift card at the door it will be pre-programmed with the amount you spent to make your reservation.  There is no activation necessary.

Q: How long is the gift card good for? Do I have to spend it that night?

A: The gift card is good for 7 years. You do not have to spend it that night, and yes, you keep the full value of the card that you purchase. You can also use it towards food if the venue serves food.


Q: What are front of the line privileges?

A: When you have a reservation with Line Genie, you and a guest go right to the front of the line!  Most of the time you will be admitted immediately, but in the rare case that the venue is at capacity, you will be next in.

Q: So wait let me get this right...I get to spend all the money I paid for a reservation, and I don't have to wait in line, and I don't have to pay cover?!?!

A: CORRECT! We know it sounds too good to be true; you're welcome.  Using Line Genie actually saves you money because you don't pay the cover charge and you get to keep all the money you paid in the form of a gift card.

Q: How are you able to offer such a great deal?

A: Nightlife venues want to provide premium service to their premium clientele.  In exchange for your commitment to spend, the venue provides you with premium access.

Q: How do I redeem my reservation at the venue?

A: Your name will be on the Line Genie guestlist at the front door.  Just tell the doorman that you are on the Line Genie list and present your ID for them to verify your name.  No need to print out or bring anything!


Q: What time can I arrive at the venue?

A: You may arrive anytime, but gift cards are available for pickup after 10PM.  If you enter the venue before 10PM, you may return to the front door at 10PM to retrieve your gift card.  We cut off sales at 9PM and need to give the venue some time to prepare the gift cards.  The venue will have your name shortly after 9PMAt most of our venues, you can start a tab at the bar and use your gift card toward that tab when you close it out.  You do not need to provide the gift card when opening the tab.

Q: Does making a reservation with Line Genie guarantee that I will be admitted to the venue?

A: The venue can still choose not to admit you for failing to meet their entrance criteria.  It is up to the venue to determine if you meet their criteria (i.e. valid ID, proper dress, intoxication level, etc.).  If you are denied access you can still claim your gift card to be used at a later date.

Q: If my guest is not with me when I arrive, can they come later?

A:  We are sorry, but due to logistical concerns we can only allow the free guest to come in when you redeem your reservation at the door.  We hate the old "sorry, but you cannot be seated until your whole party is present" line from restaurants just as much as you, but we only track the purchaser of the reservation.

Q: Is there a refund policy on making a reservation?

A:  If you are rejected access to the venue you will still receive your gift card for use at a later time.  If there are any other reasons your transaction does not go through correctly Line Genie will refund your purchase amount entirely.  Please email to request a refund.  If you are unable to attend after you have made a reservation, we strongly prefer to be notified before 9PM on the night of your reservation (it makes it a lot easier on us), but will accept refund requests up to 24 hours after your reservation.

Q: How far ahead of time can I make a Line Genie reservation?

A: We open the reservations 2 weeks ahead of time; you can see all available dates when you start a reservation. Feel free to email if you have a large party that you would like to make a special reservation more than 2 weeks out.

Q: This is awesome! When will you be at more venues?

A: We are adding new venues all the time.  Please LIKE us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter or sign up for our email list to be notified as we expand.


Q: Didn't find the answers you were looking for?

A: Drop us a line at, call 617-LNGENIE (617-564-3643) or fill out the form below.


Q: Did we answer all of your questions?

A: Great! Click here to make a reservation and skip the line and cover at your favorite bar.


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